Hi, I'm Tony Stoops.  Matriculated at Bishops in 1970, never having been a notable player.  Did play one U16A game vs Rondebosch on Meadow C in the middle of a flu epidemic in June 1970, which we won 16-11.  Had the dubious pleasure of marking Butch Deuchar in said game ! Organized inter-residence rugby at Rhodes University and played several games in the multi-racial SEDRU league.  After graduating, taught for a dozen years at Kimberley Boys’ High - played provincial table tennis for Griquas one year -  and a similar span at Bosmansdam.

Currently devoted to following schools rugby in the Western Cape with an ever-so-slight preference for venues in the rustic settings outside the city.  Other interests include test cricket (on HD widescreen), heavy rock music (child of the 60’s), serial-killer fiction (Carter, Slater, Montanari, Stark), Newcastle United, Borussia Dortmund, the Free State Cheetahs and Milnerton High 1st cricket team.

Midway through the summer:

The new-look Millies 1st XI now comprises: The Stokester (captain), Boardwalk, KP Mk II, Spearchucker Barnes, Smilin' Simon, Rammstein, Chutney, Lover Boy, Matt the Ratt, Sub, Simply Red, The Dodgy One, Luke the Nuke and Blah...blah...blah, stiil coached by the Big Guy and with Leelo on tablet duty. 

As winter ends

What a pleasure to see three of the crew playing for Millies 1st XV in the Burger semis against Augsburg Gym and the rest all giving them vocal encouragement !  The Stokester was flankly outstanding, KP Mk II struggled a bit at half-back Part II and Spearchucker Barnes was the real cool real deal at lock.  Now it's time for those of you who are still playing in the last term to get ready for the Punt Cricket Festival.  I can smell summer !